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A selection of Paul Foley's insights on corporate, Internet and regulatory issues
The new EU Cyber Security Regime

The new EU Cyber Security Regime relates to the security of network and information systems, as they play an essential role in facilitating the cross-border movement of goods, services and people.

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Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in short

The PSD2 regulatory framework aims to reduce costs, improve the security of payments and facilitate the emergence of innovative new mobile and internet payment methods.
(Published in Financier Worldwide  magazine, December 2016)

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Corporate vehicles available in Ireland

A summary of the main corporate vehicles that can be created under the Irish Companies Act 2014

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Home loans without borders

EU cross-border residential mortgages: are they nearer a reality? (Published in Irish Public Sector magazine, April 2018)

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Legal aspects of investment-based crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an open appeal to the public for funds for a specific project or for a specific objective. (Published by Mondaq, May 2015)

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Putting share option plans in place

The right share option plan can enable an SME to attract, retain and motivate key individuals. This article describes what is involved in creating and adopting a share option plan.

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EU Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorist Financing Regime

The new EU AML/CTF Regime (i) aims to create a comprehensive legal framework for the prevention, detection, and investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing and (ii) aligns the new AML/CTF EU Regime with the recognised international standards of the Financial Action Task Force Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Standards (FATF Standards). In fact, the new regime surpasses the FATF Standards in several areas. This article summarises the regime.

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