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International Trade Law: Ireland

Paul Foley
This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of international trade laws and regulations applicable in Ireland.

Ireland has been a WTO member since January 1995 and a member of GATT since December 1967. 

Ireland believes in the multilateral, rules-bound order that supports its ability to trade around the world, in a fair and sustainable way. The overarching goal of Ireland’s trade policy is to see Ireland grow sustainably and diversify its export markets, assisted by the EU’s trade policy and Ireland’s growing network of Free Trade Agreements. Ireland will work to realise the full benefits of the EU single market. 

Ireland will pursue a values-based approach to trade and investment underpinned by Ireland’s commitment to multilateralism and working with our EU partners in the World Trade Organization (WTO), to project and promote the highest labour and environmental standards.

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