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Paul Foley Law is a boutique Law Firm based in Dublin Ireland. With more than 25 years experience, we can help you reach your objectives quickly, applying best legal and corporate practice. Our specialities:


Company Law compliance, Corporate Governance code compliance, Director Service Agreements, Investment Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Share Option Schemes, Listing Rules compliance, Market Abuse Regulation  (EU 596/2014) and Market Abuse Directive (Directive (EU)  2014/57) compliance,  Transparency Regulations and Rules compliance and Shareholder Rights Regulations compliance.


Commercial agreements, Apps conditions of use, Cloud (PaaS and SaaS) terms and conditions, eIDAS (I and II) (trust services) advice, Data Hosting and Data Sharing agreements, EU Platforms Regulation, Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act, and EU Artificial Intelligence Act compliance.


Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Laws compliance, ESG Compliance, EU Crowdfunding Regulation (authorisation and compliance), Export Controls (including Recast Dual Use Regulation) compliance, GDPR and NIS I (EU 2016/1148) Directive and NIS II Directive compliance, International Trade Law, INCO Terms 2020 (international sale of goods), MedTech Law and Practice, MiFID II regulations, IDD Regulations and PSD2 regulations authorisation and compliance.

Q&A: EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act July 2023

July 2023: Negotiations on the ground-breaking EU AI Act are in their final stages. In this comprehensive Q&A, we take you through the key provisions impacting compliance.

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Foundation Models, Generative AI and the EU AI Act

Foundation models including generative AI: the proposed EU legal requirements

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EU AI Act: Conformity Assessment

What are the Conformity Assessment requirements in the EU AI Act for AI systems?

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Legal issues to think about for mobile app developers

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) requires a data controller to implement data protection by design and by default (Article 25 GDPR). Organising for and engineering data protection and security requirements into a Mobile APP (APP) is difficult, particularly as APPs are generally developed using the Agile development process.

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Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in short

The PSD2 regulatory framework aims to reduce costs, improve the security of payments and facilitate the emergence of innovative new mobile and internet payment methods.
(Published in Financier Worldwide  magazine, December 2016)

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Home loans without borders

EU cross-border residential mortgages: are they nearer a reality? (Published in Irish Public Sector magazine, April 2018)

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Paul Foley
Paul Foley BCL, LLM, Diploma in European Law, Solicitor, Law Society of Ireland and Law Society of England & Wales. Additionally authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales. SRA number 209146.



Share Option Schemes
Investment Agreements
Share Sale Agreements
Asset Sale Agreements
Companies Acts compliance, including creating Holding Company structures
Directors Duties and Director Compliance Statements drafting
Advice on Electronic Signatures
Advice on holding Directors and Shareholders meetings by electronic means


Drafting complex Internet-related agreements
Affiliate Marketing
Products sale and services provision
Platform Conditions of Use
Equity Crowdfunding
Platform as a Service or Software as a Service
Peer to Peer Lending
Data Hosting agreements
Outsourcing agreements
Payment Services Terms and Conditions
Merchants agreements and accepting payments online
Terms of Business for Brokers (Life & Non-Life) Insurance Policies drafting
Cyber Security and GDPR Law compliance for Cloud Services providers, Retailers and App Developers


Anti Money Laundering compliance
Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain regulation
Cyber Security legislation compliance
Cross Border Mortgages and Payment Accounts compliance eIDAS advice
Internet law and regulation
Insurance Distribution advice
Platforms Regulation ((EU) 2019/1150) compliance
PSD2 Regulation (SCA) and Solvency II compliance
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